Does Detox Tea Help With Weight Loss?

My recommendation is to do your homework — Research the active ingredients in any product you use and its side effects. And, when in doubt, check in with your physician.

The Link Between Weight-Loss & Breast Cancer

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How Does Your Body Type Affect Weight Loss & Fitness?

Remember, every body-type is beautiful and a blessing. Being aware of what category you fall into will help you lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve whatever fitness goals you seek to achieve.

Leydiana Viana’s 18 Pounds Weight Loss

Leydiana was a true pleasure to work with.  She stuck to the program and really trusted the process.  And, her results speak for themselves.

5 Diet Foods that Sabotage Weight Loss 

Just because a food says "diet," that doesn't mean it's good for weight loss efforts. Scripps Health weight management experts weigh in high-calorie culprits.

Team BPC Welcomes Body Transformation Client Nicole Amezola

Working with Nicole will be fun.  She has such great energy and is excited about achieving her goals.

Top 5 Fat Burning Foods

Add these five foods to your regular diet to help speed up your metabolism and burn more fat.

How to Lose 10 Pound Fast & For Good

As a Nutritionist and Fitness Coach, I get some variation of this question every day.  Often people expect a silver bullet that will “drop” the monstrous 10 pounds instantly.  But realistically, [...]

Pregnancy and Exercise: Baby, Let’s move!

Tatiana Debique shares some great tips on exercise and pregnancy as a first-time mother just entering the second trimester of pregnancy. You can learn more on this subject at Mayo Clinic: [...]