Bikini Prep Coach Welcomes WBFF Bikini Competitor Erica Jeanise! 

Welcome to the Bikini Prep Coach family, Erica Jeanise!  I am excited about the opportunity to work with another gorgeous WBFF Bikini Competitor.

Bikini Prep Coach Welcomes Morgan Hunt

WBFF Bikini Competitor Morgan Hunt joins the BPC Team as she pursues pro status in the WBFF league.  Tatiana Debique and the BPC Team are excited to help Morgan with her Bikini Competition Prep

Tatiana Debique ~ Bikini Prep Coach Pregnancy Update Week 20 

My goal is to inspire others through my pregnancy by doing everything in my control to deliver a healthy baby, remain fit as a mom, and recover postpartum to achieve my best fitness level yet.

Team BPC Welcomes WBFF Pro Corinn Singletary!

WBFF Diva Bikini Pro Corinn Singletary joins the Bikini Prep Coach Team in preparation for the WBFF World Championship in the Bahamas - August 5th -10th.

Pregnancy and Exercise: Baby, Let’s move!

Tatiana Debique shares some great tips on exercise and pregnancy as a first-time mother just entering the second trimester of pregnancy. You can learn more on this subject at Mayo Clinic: [...]

Congratulations Heather Callaway on your Incredible Fitness Transformation! 

Heather Callaway lost 70 pounds and was one of the inspirational winners of the WBFF Orlando 2019 Transformation Division.

Congratulations Misty Overstreet!

Misty O. placed in the top 5 in her NPC Bikini Open debut at the NPC Europa Games!

Misty Overstreet is ready for the NPC Bikini Stage!

Misty Overstreet is ready for the Texas Bodybuilding Europa Games & Expo NPC Bikini Stage.