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Tatiana Debique

Bikini Prep Coach is the ultimate solution for taking your bikini body to the next level. Located in Tampa, Florida, the team is comprised of the most dedicated and committed individuals to help you with your Bikini Competition Preparation. Under the guidance of IFBB Pro Bikini Competition Coach and Olympian Tatiana Debique, we’ll build a customized plan to bring out your best on the competition stage. We will prepare you to compete among the most elite Bikini athletes. You’ll reap the benefit of more than ten years of competitive fitness and bodybuilding experience, and we’ll get you dialed in on competition day. We go above and beyond by providing guidance on hair, make-up, tanning, stage presence and, posing that is second to none. Maximizing your best attributes and minimizing the visibility of your developmental areas is the name of the game. Doing this effectively is the difference between first call out and everyone else.  Prepare to unlock your full potential as you “Rock the Main Stage!”

  • Tatiana is amazing to work with! At first I hired her just to help with my posing, but I quickly realized that I needed her help with my nutrition and training too. She helped me transform from a stick figure, into a muscular, curvy bikini competitor. After working with her for 8 weeks, I placed for the first time at one of the largest shows in Texas, and I haven't looked back! I love working with Tatiana because she doesn't sugar-coat anything and wants you to become the best competitor you can be.

    BRITNEY HIMES NPC National Level Bikini Competitor- Houston, TX
  • Working with Tatiana has been an absolute pleasure. I have had the honor to work with her since the beginning of my NPC journey. She provides the kind of support and advice that makes you want to do better...In the competing world and in your personal life. I talk highly of Tatiana because every session Ive had with her, she critiqued in a professional manner. My favorite thing about working with her is...she adapts to your body, creating a routine that fits your personality and your body. I love her to pieces and am honored every chance I get to work with her.

    SAM LEEANN MENDEZ NPC National Level Bikini Competitor- Houston, TX
  • I started working with Tatiana to prepare for my first bikini competition in August 2014. Being my first show, I had no clue what I was doing when I came to Tatiana! She transformed me from someone who didn’t even know how to walk in heels to a confident and competitive bikini competitor. Tatiana did not teach me a cookie cutter routine, rather took into account my physique and personality to help me create a customized posing routine that was perfect for me. During our sessions Tatiana was always alert to details, professional, positive, constructive and patient. Not only is Tatiana an exceptional posing instructor, but she also acted as a mentor to me. Outside of our sessions she made herself available for all of my many first-time competitor questions regarding tanning, bikini fit, show-day activities, hair, makeup… She helped me throughout my entire show preparation. The day of my show Tatiana made herself fully available to me as I texted her pictures of my hair, make up, and suit placement to make sure everything was perfect. As my posing coach, she did not have to invest this much extra time and energy, but Tatiana truly cares about her clients. Working with Tatiana has been nothing but a pleasure. She has immense first-hand experience and expertise with bodybuilding competitions and is a priceless source of information. She is also highly educated in health and fitness and is always striving to learn more and expand her knowledge and skills set. She is a true inspiration to me as I continue on my bikini journey. Tatiana’s future is limitless and I am so happy to be one of her clients!

    Allison Gibson 1st Place Bikini Novice Class A Texas State Championship ‘14
  • I was brand new to the bikini competition process, and after searching for coaches I found Tatiana online. From day one, it was a natural and comfortable fit!! She is an expert at making training and meal plans that will help form your body to competition level! It takes a lot of self discipline but, Tatiana is there every step of the way to help encourage and help with any questions. The picture check-ins and Facetime sessions for posing complete the package! I could not have found a better coach, and I am ready to continue this journey together!

    Jen Kesler

Our Process


Every Competition Prep begins in the kitchen. We will establish a plan based on your dietary preferences, restrictions and needs. Along the way, we will make adjustments to your diet based on bi-weekly progress pictures or as needed. We can also provide “Fit Food Recipes” on demand to help keep your program fresh.


The Right Coach

General Colin Powell once said “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” He neglected to mention one thing. The greatest asset you can have as a competitor is an experienced and caring coach. You can take advantage of all they learned over the years working with other athletes, and making of few mistakes of their own. As a IFBB Pro Bikini Champion, IFBB Mr. Olympia Bikini Competitor, and NASM Certified Coach of many athletes, Tatiana Debique has what it takes to help you compete at the highest level. You’ll benefit from regular interaction and encouragement as you progress through your program. And, you’ll have someone to hold you personally accountable for seeing it through.

Training Protocol

All our clients are provided with a customized training protocol. This is critical because everyone’s body, and athletic background is different. The training routine of a Bikini Competitor is highly specialized, and focused on the specific judging criteria of the division. Our programs include a weekly schedule of training activities, and you can communicate directly with your coach to make necessary adjustments.



12 Week Bikini Competition Preparation Package

Recommended for experienced NPC and IFBB Professional Athletes. This program will require a strong athletic background, and relatively well conditioned physique as it is shorter and more intense.

Investment: $100/Week ($1,200.00)

16 Week Bikini Competition Preparation Package

Recommended for women who are newer to the sport. The typical preparation period for an NPC show as a Novice, Regional or National level athlete is 16 weeks. This is subject to individual evaluation before starting the program.

Investment: $100/Week ($1,600.00)


40 Minute Posing Practice Sessions

Individual Session: $80.00

Bikini Competition Posing Package (5 Sessions): $350.00


Investment: $50/Week

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