Could Coffee Be a Weight-Loss Tool?

Those who drank 4 cups of caffeinated coffee per day over six months saw a nearly 4% drop in overall body fat.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Bikini Prep Coach Family!

Congratulations to Our Anonymous BPC Beauty!

Although, our teammate isn't comfortable sharing her identity publicly.  She understands the value of paying it forward and showing other women that it can be done.

Amber Sherman’s 4 Month Body Transformation

It requires consistency and progress, not perfection.  Amber is proof positive that anything is possible when you trust the process.

How Does Your Body Type Affect Weight Loss & Fitness?

Remember, every body-type is beautiful and a blessing. Being aware of what category you fall into will help you lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve whatever fitness goals you seek to achieve.

Cardio: Do the Benefits Really Outweigh the Drawbacks?

Here are a few simple tips for maximizing the positive aspects of cardio while avoiding some of the pitfalls.

The 5 Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

The 5 Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism are great body-hacks that will turbocharge your metabolism and burn extra calories and reach your fitness goals.

10 Ways to Burn Fat Fast

Whether you plan on competing one day or just need to lose a few extra pounds these 10 Tips will serve you well along the way.

Bikini Prep Coach Welcomes Amber Sherman

I think we may have another WBFF Transformation Champion in the making.

5 Diet Foods that Sabotage Weight Loss 

Just because a food says "diet," that doesn't mean it's good for weight loss efforts. Scripps Health weight management experts weigh in high-calorie culprits.

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