Team BPC Welcomes Bianca Johnson

We are excited to welcome Bianca Johnson to Team BPC. Bianca is a beautiful psychology student at St. Petersburg University. She is very athletic and will be preparing for her first NPC Bikini [...]

Never Skip Leg Day

Never Skip Leg Day ~ There are so many benefits. Here are few of my favorites. #bikiniprep #npcbikini #weightloss #bodytransformation #bikiniprepcoach

Important Fitness Progress Indicators

Although many of us tend to obsess about one or two progress indicators, when combined they paint a clearer picture of how we are doing. #womensfitness #weightloss #bodytransformation [...]

Amazing Natural Sources of Fiber

We all know the importance of fiber in our diet. Here are some amazing natural sources of fiber. #weightlosstips #nutrition #womensfitness #bikiniprepcoach #bikiniprep

The Benefits of 20 Daily Squats

The Benefits of 20 Daily Squats #weightloss #womensfitness #bikiniprepcoach #npcbikini #ifbbbikini

Team BPC Welcomes Francesca Gerrard

We are thrilled to welcome Francesca Gerard to Team BPC. Francesca is a personal trainer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is preparing for her first NPC Bikini Competition. #bikiniprepcoach [...]

Team BPC Welcomes Paulina Fuller

We are excited to welcome Paulina Fuller to Team BPC. This Weatherford Texas native has such an inspirational story. I can’t wait to see her grace the stage in her first NPC Bikini [...]

Tatiana’s Healthier Orange Chicken

TATIANA’S HEALTHIER ORANGE CHICKEN INGREDIENTS 1 pounds boneless skinless chicken breast, diced into bite-sized pieces 1/3 cup cornstarch 3 cloves garlic, minced 5 tablespoon toasted sesame oil 5 [...]

What’s Your Favorite Way to Have Eggs?

What’s your favorite way to have eggs?! Poached eggs happens to be one of my favorites. Helpful hint: An egg poaching pan makes it just as easy as frying them Pictured here are two eggs + a piece [...]