5 Great Tips for Consistent Meal Prep

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time given us.” ~ J.R. Tolkien

Although forming new habits is often easier said than done, it always starts with a simple decision. Just decide if you want to settle for excuses or demand what you want from life. It is that simple when developing healthy habits. Once you have made up your mind, here are a few simple meal prep tips to help you stay on track

1. Evaluate Your Daily Routine: Change is always tricky, but the first step is still self-awareness. Take stock of your current routines and determine the best time to prepare your meals.

2. Plan Ahead: Determine your weekly diet and hit the grocery store for all essential ingredients. When looking for new healthy recipes, take advantage of the internet. Buy all food and storage containers in advance.

3. Time Block: Weekly meal prep usually takes 2-3 hours. Sunday evenings seem to work best for me. I typically pick two or three recipes using the ingredients from my diet and spread them throughout the week for variety.

4. Measure Your Portions: Make sure you have a small scale for portioning your meals. Reusable plastic containers are perfect for grabbing and going!

5. Plan Healthy Snacks: It’s hard to make the right decisions while standing in front of a vending machine. And very few vending machines have healthy options. A quick pre-planned snack in a small zip bag can be a lifesaver. I include small snacks in my meal plans to bridge the gap between meals.

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