Bikini Prep Coach Proudly Welcomes Lisaida Swaby-Oliva

We are very excited to work with Lisaida. She has a bright future ahead.

6 Tips To Make Your First Bikini Competition a Success

Truth be told, I had many false starts before I actually ever got on stage.  I would diet and train for months, and at the very last minute, I would get nervous and withdraw.  Picture yourself [...]

Tatiana Debique ~ Bikini Prep Coach Pregnancy Update Week 22  

Tatiana Debique ~ Bikini Prep Coach Pregnancy Update: Week 22, My total weight gain is 9lbs. The experts tell me my baby is about 1 pound now, and 8 inches long.  

Bikini Prep Coach Welcomes WBFF Bikini Competitor Erica Jeanise! 

Welcome to the Bikini Prep Coach family, Erica Jeanise!  I am excited about the opportunity to work with another gorgeous WBFF Bikini Competitor.

Bikini Prep Coach Welcomes Morgan Hunt

WBFF Bikini Competitor Morgan Hunt joins the BPC Team as she pursues pro status in the WBFF league.  Tatiana Debique and the BPC Team are excited to help Morgan with her Bikini Competition Prep

Pregnancy and Exercise: Baby, Let’s move!

Tatiana Debique shares some great tips on exercise and pregnancy as a first-time mother just entering the second trimester of pregnancy. You can learn more on this subject at Mayo Clinic: [...]

The Basics of Bikini Competition Posing

The Basics of Bikini Competition Posing Ideal for bikini athletes new to the sport A brief discussion of the importance of posing and stage presence

Pre-Workout Meals

Pre Workout Nutrition - What should I eat before a workout? Bikini Prep Coach Blog ~ Pre-Workout Meals

Reverse Dieting on the Off-Season

Bikini Prep Coach ~ Bikini Prep Tip Reverse Dieting

The Olympia Dream – Part 2

So, you finally made it to the IFBB Pro League.  Now what?  Here's how you earn a ticket to the Bikini Olympia.

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