Meat is Cancelled?! Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks About the Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet in New Film! 

Meat is Cancelled?! Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks About the Benefits of a Plant Based Diet in New Film! Arnold Schwarzenegger has become an advocate for a plant based diet and explains why in his new film!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new film could be a real game-changer for the way people perceive meat in their diet.  Many people including athletes believe that maintaining peak performance is impossible without meat.  I have trained Vegan Pro competitor’s like IFBB Pro Harriet Davis and found that belief to be completely false.  The advocacy of a plant-based diet from arguably the (G.O.A.T) greatest bodybuilder of all time will definitely catch the attention of most people.  And, the environmental impact of meat production adds another major issue we should all consider.


Personally, I have experimented with plant-based, pescatarian and fully omnivorous diets over the years.  I can vouch for how great you feel on a limited-meat to a non-meat diet.  Additionally, all my annual medical diagnostic numbers improved significantly when ate pescatarian and plant-based meals. The truth is that I can also relate to craving a burger or a nice steak every now and then.  One thing is for certain, Arnold’s new film will give us a lot of food for thought on the subject.


Please share your personal experience with plant-based diets in the comments.  I’m sure we can all benefit from the insight.


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