What’s Better Than Winning at the Branch Warren Classic? Winning Twice!!

Billi Davis pulled off a double victory at the NPC Branch Warren Classic 2019 in Houston, TX.  She took first place in both the NPC Bikini Open & NPC Bikini Masters.  We are thrilled with Billi’s results.  She put in the extra effort and trusted the process.  Ultimately, the proof was in the pudding.  Congratulations Billi, we are so very proud of you.  #npcbikini #bikiniprep #winning #bikiniprepcoach

I absolutely love what I do!  I get to coach, guide, and empower some of the most incredible and beautiful women.  And, ultimately watch them blossom and reach their full potential.  Billi’s achievements last weekend are a perfect example.  She worked extremely hard, had the discipline necessary to follow our process and won.  Congratulations Billi!!!!   Savor this moment, you certainly deserve it.

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