Kelli Tilston joins the Bikini Prep Coach Family

Kelli enjoys athletic challenges and I look forward to preparing her for NPC competition.

Bikini Prep Coach Welcomes Tori MIller

Please join me in welcome our newest NPC Bikini Competitor Tori Miller.

Bikini Prep Coach Welcomes Brighid Dawson

Welcome Brighid! We really look forward to working with you.  

Congratulations Toni Belanger!

At its core, our sport is about bringing the best version of yourself to the stage.  Every time you do that you get a little closer to your goal.  I am very proud of you Toni.  Keep bringing your best.

Stephanie Augst joins the Bikini Prep Coach Family

I am super excited about working with our first client in Japan and preparing to compete in Asia.

New Website Launch at

Check out the new website.  You will find a few new videos, my new eBook "Bikini Mania" and our new Bikini Coach App.

Amazing Bikini Prep Results in 12 Weeks

Bikini Prep Coach client Misty Overstreet has had incredible results after just 12 weeks for bikini competition prep.  I am so proud of her and look forward to her final 4 weeks of preparations [...]

Pre-Workout Meals

Pre Workout Nutrition - What should I eat before a workout? Bikini Prep Coach Blog ~ Pre-Workout Meals

Before signing up for your first bikini contest….

5 Things to consider before your first bikini contest